Friday, 30 September 2016

Skeletons in the closet

It’s Halloween season and the skeletons are coming out of the closet.

If you need spooky costumes for Halloween, whether it’s a party, event, pub crawl or just to scare the neighbours, then give us a call to view our selection of truly terrifying attire.

Skeletons are an obvious choice and we have a few quality 3D bones tops and bottoms for an authentic looking skeleton. Add a top hat and a cloak to create a really creepy effect.

Our in store costumes are quality theatrical costumes made from real fabrics; wool, velvet, cotton etc. They fit well and are not see-through or clingy nylon. Bespoke scary costumes can be put together from our massive stock of cloaks, hats and accessories, to create the look you are after.

For those who wish to purchase Fancy Dress (nylon) costumes, then we have that too – check out our on-line store for a fabulous choice of skeleton themed costumes and accessories for adults and children.

Browse our on-line store for a huge range of hats, wigs, face-paint, fake blood, scars and other accessories suitable for Halloween. 

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hotel Paradiso

Hotel Paradiso is a French farce set in a Parisian hotel, where playwright Monsieur Feydean is residing to write a new play. 

Whilst suffering a bad case of writers block, the antics of the other guests in the hotel provide him with a wealth of material to write a very successful play.

Monsieur Boniface is severely henpecked by his wife and has a clandestine affair with Marcelle, the beautiful but neglected wife of Henri. Throw in some mistaken identities, misunderstandings, a maid, hotel manager and some gendarmes this makes a typically hilarious farce.

The scene is set in 1910 and at Admiral Costumes we have a great selection of period wear for this time. 

Monsieur Boniface is very smart and elegant, whilst his wife is rather drab and formidable. Marcelle dresses in a very flamboyant and inappropriate way with bright colours and large hats, not to mention her lounge attire.

We have excellent gendarme and French maid outfits, opera cloaks, hotel porter and parasols and accessories to add detail to the costumes.

We are delighted to be supporting Tudor Players with their excellent production in October.

 For more information on how we can help you costume your production, please call 01908 372504 or visit

Monday, 19 September 2016

Carry on Nurse

It is amazing how often nurses feature in films, plays and musicals. Take South Pacific as an example of a chorus of nurses all in white US 50s nurse uniforms.
It has been such fun putting together some 60s nurse uniforms inspired by Carry on Nurse for a murder mystery play Sister Death, where it is delightful to see nurses as the main characters.

Carry on Nurse is set in the 60s with short dresses and little nurse hats with embellishments for the sisters and matron. Matron was typically dressed in a darker uniform with no apron and an almost nun-like veil.

We are so often asked to provide a nurse uniform not only for period plays, but for 40s events and parties. The long sleeved blue dress and gorgeous authentic nurses cape with the red wool lining and cross over straps is so popular for Goodwood, the Yorkshire railway and Poppy Line events.

Our WW1 uniform uses a long grey ankle length dress with the cape and a headscarf. These have been extremely popular for the many centenary WW1 events that have taken place recently around the country.

Nurse uniforms also make a popular choice for fancy dress, with variations running from zombie nurses for Halloween, through to sexy nurses and dames.  Children’s nurse outfits are available for school plays and youth productions. 

For period nurse costumes or fun fancy dress, give us a call on 01908 372504 or visit

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Leighton Buzzard Railway

The Leighton Buzzard Railway remembers the start of the war department light railways directorate in 1916 with a WW1 celebration event over two weekends.

The narrow gauge railway was built from WW1 surplus materials in 1919 to transport sand and gravel from the local quarries.

Train rides ran from Pages Park to Croix Pierre a fictitious French station with train drivers and workers dressed in war time clothing from that period.

We were delighted to supply some of our specialist WW1 clothing for this event and love the atmospheric pictures courtesy of Leighton Buzzard Railway.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Twinwood Festival 2016 – vintage wear

This year the 15th Twinwood vintage music and dance festival was held from 27th – 29th August at the Glen Miller museum in Clapham, Bedford. 

The wartime airbase provides a magnificent backdrop for the live entertainment, with music and dancing from the 40’s, 50s and 60s.

With jazz, swing, blues and rockabilly being played in the hanger, army hut and at the control tower, the atmosphere was truly nostalgic of the wartime era.

Not only the performers were dressed in style, the audience wore clothing and accessories from the 40s and 50s and danced on the open dance areas. There is even a gorgeous woodland glade to dance in when the sun goes down, that is lit by lanterns.

Our store in Newton Longville, Milton Keynes, is only 10 miles from the Glen Miller museum in Clapham, Bedford where the Twinwood Festival takes place and we have lots of styles for hire at very reasonable rates.

If you need a fabulous vintage outfit for the Twinwood Festival, or other forties event, then visit Admiral Costumes in Newton Longville and choose from our extensive range of fashions from the 1940’s to the 70’s.

Choose from gorgeous 50’s spot dresses, 40’s vintage wear, land army girl dungarees, dresses, suits and accessories. For the gents we have a choice of military uniforms, double breasted suits, striped blazers, tweed suits set off with trilby hats and braces.

Come and take a look at what we have to offer and wear something unique and truly vintage on your day out.

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